Completed my first Flash project

Over the past two months, I've been working with a new client on a Flash project. She happens to be a former co-worker in my Creative Internet Solutions days back in 1999-2000. We reconnected on Facebook and I learned about a new women's handbag system she was developing and needed a Flash demo for her website. We met for lunch so I could see the prototype handbags firsthand and she had a basic script on paper of how she wanted it to look and flow. From there I dove into some training and also picked up some best practices from a couple Flash gurus I know. After a few revisions, she had exactly what she wanted and was very happy with the end result.

Heddy Freddy handbag system Flash demo

Client quote: "Thanks so much for the great animation, it's just what I imagined!"

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TJ Downes's Gravatar Hey Troy, looks good. Gratz :)

On another note, it would be nice to know something about you. Maybe a simple page with information on who Troy is, where he is from, etc!
# Posted by TJ Downes | 4/30/09 3:19 PM
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